“Small Mountain Owls”…  Released May of 2009

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Scott Rashid “(bird artist/bander/researcher/rehabilitator has written and illustrated a wonderful reference on small owls, with detailed chapters on 4 species that inhabit the Rockies (Northern Pygmy, Flammulated, Northern Saw-whet, and Boreal Owls.)  Appropriately titled ‘Small Mountain Owls’, Scott blends personal stories of his many encounters (often supplemented with detailed illustrations), research findings, and photographs of these secretive owls.  There’s a lot for anybody to learn here – much of Scott’s research represents previously undocumented behaviors and facts about these fascinating birds.  Get a copy for yourself and/or an owl fan in your life!”

Bill Schmoker –  Middle School Teacher – Boulder, Colorado




I read your book, every word of it, it is an outstanding example of careful tabulating and detailed research on owls.  You are to be congratulated on such an excellent example on sight observations.”

Warner K. Reeser – Loveland, Colorado.







‘Small Mountain Owls’ is available from your local bookstore, or you can always contact Scott.

Each book is $40.00 + shipping