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“It seems to me that I am enjoying the fascinating events in nature, while others struggle with politics and opinions. I think I want to stick to learning from nature. And I am wishing for all of us to have close ties with our families. For me it is the most important part of our life.”

…Sigrid Noll Ueblacker …

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Scott works locally with Law Enforcement, Animal Control as well as the Division of Wildlife in the recovery, rehabilitation and release of injured birds. He is directly associated with The Birds of Prey Foundation located in Broomfield, Colorado and although raptors are his specialty no bird goes ignored. Size is not the issue, each bird gets the same respect and care.



The majority of rehabilitation takes place out of Scott’s home. The greatest accomplishment is the outside flight cage that was constructed in 2006 and is the last stop before release for many of his birds. Larger birds that require flight exercise are taken directly to The Birds of Prey and then returned to where they were recovered. Not all birds recover which is sad, but the goal is to release them ‘on mended wings’. Most birds arrive in a box after hitting a window, a headache is easy requiring only time, quiet and a little something to eat. Broken bones are another story altogether, and our local Vet (Dr. Jeff Fish) is kind enough to provide ex-rays and/or euthanasia free of charge as a donation to Scott’s efforts.

In 1994 Scott launched his banding program at The YMCA of the Rockies which is located in Estes Park. It runs from early Spring to late Fall and is one of the most popular programs there. From beginner to advanced, everyone is welcome to learn and see birds up close. (Bird count numbers can be found in ‘Banding’ page, and is updated regularly during the banding months.) The YMCA is located at the very edge of Rocky Mountain National Park just west of Estes Park. The program consists of netting and banding birds in a specific location on the grounds. For more information you can contact ‘The Y’ at (970) 586-3341, x1104, or you can contact Scott directly.

NOTE: You do not need to be staying at ‘The Y’ to participate, it is free of charge and open to all that want to attend.





As a rehabilitator, bander, artist, illustrator and author Scott calls Colorado home, and birds are his passion. After growing up in Wisconsin he moved to Estes Park and spent several years as a sub-permit under the guidance of Dr. Ronald Ryder, Emeritus Professor from the University of Northern Colorado. The fall out from his time with Ron was Scott’s love for research. This is paramount and makes him one of the most well known aviary experts in Colorado…

He was granted his Master Bander Permit in 2000.




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Scott Rashid Master Bander & Licensed Bird Rehabilitator Originally from Wisconsin, Scott along with his wife Susan live and work in Estes Park, Colorado. ..